Friday, March 30, 2018

"Congratulations", Donald! The horns of the devil clearly show up once more with this.

"Congratulations", Donald! The horns of the devil clearly show up once more with this.  Everyone needs to know. Stop lying and admit to hating everything that is ProLife.
I want to let everyone know. Until now, unless in case of "extraordinary circumstances" warranting detention, ICE would release pregnant women from custody. The Trump administration ended that policy. Now pregnant women will be no longer released from immigration detention, which is totally ill-equipped to meet the basic health, hygiene, and safety needs of mother and unborn child. Pregnant women might be released only on a "case by case basis"--which means the need to prove the presence of extraordinary circumstances justifying their release. It means the need to remain in detention for uncertain and practically endless periods until able to prove the need to be released. It may mean the need to pay attorney fees that they cannot afford. It may mean putting the lives of unborn babies at risk.
Donald, how alarmingly and atrociously anti-life is that? Do you think that any Pro-Life supporter would have done such a thing? Spit it out once and for all: Not only you're NOT Pro-Life. You're the very worst enemy the ProLife cause could have.
I'm sure you don't like the way I'm addressing you, Donald, do you? That's not the way I talk either. I never did and never will. Yet, do you want to know why the "spit it out" expression came to my mind instead of having said something like, "admit to it" or "say it aloud"? From your own words when three years ago, back in April 2015, when at an event organized by Texas Patriots PAC you referred to undocumented immigrants with these words: “Everything’s coming across the border: the illegals, the cars, the whole thing. It’s like a big mess. Blah. It’s like vomit.”
Are human beings "like vomit", Donald? After you referred to some countries and their people as sh-holes, former Mexican president Vicente Fox correctly depicted your mouth as "the foulest sh-hole in the world". Paraphrasing his words, I'll say that what causes me to vomit is to hear you talk.
Today is Good Friday, the commemoration of the horrible, excruciatingly painful death nailed to the Cross that Jesus voluntarily accepted to save all of us. Not just those from certain parts of the world. Not just those who dress in a certain way. Not just those who can afford some minimal living standards. Not even just those who believe in Him. Jesus died for all. Jesus praised the immigrant. Jesus stood up for equality and social justice. Jesus only condemned those like you, Donald. Think about it--although I very much doubt that you care,
Lillian Godone-Maresca

Instead, pregnant women will be released from immigrant detention only on a case-by-case basis.|By Elise Foley

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