Sunday, March 4, 2018

Attacks to the A.D.A.: One More Proof That Trump Is Not ProLife

This attempt to shrink the scope of the ADA is in my eyes one more proof that I was totally correct when back in November of 2016 I said that Trump and all those right-wing scoundrels around him are Satan's cleverest and most sophisticated plan to damage the ProLife cause. For God's sake, all people should open their eyes and realize that those jerks have not the least consideration for human life or human dignity.

This attack against the ADA is an attack against the disabled. Until very recently, it looked like the United States were among the best countries for people with disabilities to live and thrive. When adopting from Bulgaria I was told that many Bulgarian birthmothers gave up their infants with challenges for adoption as their ultimate act of love in the hope that they'd be adopted and taken to live in countries such as Italy and the U.S. where, far from being discriminated against, they'd be provided with the resources to reach their full potentials and have the very same opportunities as their able-bodied and typically-developing peers. This attempt to regress in the protection of those with disabilities is like a stab in the back to those birthmothers who trusted the U.S. as a country that could give their babies what their vernacular land wouldn't. Now the U.S. as a country is withdrawing that protection which in the past seemed to be something that could be taken for granted. Therefore, now it's up to the families who committed to those children to continue the fight.

Brittany, who started this petition, had even more courage--because it's much easier to fight for something as an advocate than to do it for oneself. Yet, she was brave and did it--and we all need to support her.

The right to life, the ProLife cause, the true anti-abortion fight is progressive--not retrograde. Nothing could be more eloquently progressive than when over 2000 years ago God did not select for the Incarnation of His Only Son a married couple but a single teenage girl named Mary. And, far from being immobilized by fear, Mary risked the possibility of being stoned to death as it was done those days to women who had an out-of-wedlock affair. Wasn't that ultra-progressive?
Taking rights away from the disabled is about concealment. It aims at making things more difficult for them so that they will be outcasts in society again. It aims at closing doors on them, at pushing them away from the job market. Abortion is about concealment as well. It's about bowing to societal pressures, about being afraid of gossip, about pointing fingers. It's about wanting fun with no strings attached or about not wanting to be tied up to an adorable little one with any special challenge. All this means going back to a society we thought we had left behind. If those facing challenges are to have fewer rights and lesser medical care, the number of special needs adoptions is likely to drop--and the number of abortions is likely to go up.

Needless to say, it's also lacking in any sense and not progressive either to proclaim the rights of the disabled if they're going to be denied the most basic right of all: the right to be born. It seems to very easy to care for and respect everyone. Why, when it comes to practical terms, it looks so unnecessarily difficult, though? We cannot remain silent. We cannot allow the right wing to take away some rights that those living with challenges need in order to go on with their lives on a daily basis. This is not Sparta. This is not Nazi Germany--and we cannot let neo-nazis get away with it.

Please sign Britanny's petition.

God bless.

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