Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halloween 2016 in pics

From left to right: Nicholas, Maximilian, and Thomas ready to go to a Halloween party, October 29, 2016

Thomas and Nichols as they went to school on Halloween. No actual costumes in high school. Just wearing orange and black.

Maximilian and Nicholas here

Spiderman (Philip) is doing a soldier's shoelaces while the soldier is holding Stella, the family dog

 No trick-or-treating this year.  just a family Halloween party at home. Now Catherine and Warren are working in Massachusetts and share a duplex there, from one and a half to two hours from home. They come all the time, though, to be with their brothers as they used to before. When I told them that they didn't need to drive so much back and forth on a working day just to come for Halloween, they told me that they would be here no matter what. They had even taken time off work already.  In honor to truth, I wouldn't have been able to prepare a Halloween party as Catherine did.  They all had a great time.

I never need to prepare any activities, arts, or crafts: Catherine does is all!!!

Maximilian and Philip are having too much fun spraying Catherine, who, BTW, had been the one buying and bringing the spray.

Thomas's turn to spray Catherine!

Catherine made them prepare some creepy, and yummy, edible bugs with pretzel sticks for the legs.

Not so easy to pick up those eight-legged treats with Batman gloves.

She made me try a bug too.

Catherine with Stephen: No more grumpy faces when she's around. Well, they all get grumpy with all the pictures I take.

Halloween dinner From left to right: Catherine, Stephen, Gerard, Maximilian, and, facing the other way, Philip

Catherine's culinary creation for her brothers: sausages made into octopi on mac and cheese. Yum!!!

Thomas has a grumpy face now.
Catherine's on a new mission: to turn another grumpy face into a happy, smiling one. Sometimes it takes a little longer than expected.

Warren, Nicholas, and I

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