Friday, December 27, 2013

Parochial picnic, August 2013--and a very uplifting dilemma

It's been almost half a year since we moved from Cranston to Middletown--and still we have a problem. We don't know in which one out of three local Catholic parishes to register. I'm talking about St. Lucy's in Middletown, St. Barnabas in Portsmouth, and Jesus Savior in Newport.  We tried all three of them--and in all three of them both the Church itself and the congregation were so very welcoming that now we cannot select one over the other two. Yes, despite Philip's totally untimely and loud vocal utterances, despite his constant movement that quite often results in something getting out of place, out of order, or out of shape, despite our inability to keep everyone quiet as they should be during Mass, all three parishes were so extremely welcoming that we cannot decide in which one to register as to officially become parishioners.

Well, leaving that dilemma aside for now, here are some pics from the parochial picnic organized by St. Lucy's in August.

This is Father John, in regular picnic clothes. He simply loves kids!

This life-size cutout picture of Pope Francis looks so very real!!!

Honestly, I had the temptation to try to make everyone believe that we had been to Rome and had met Pope Francis in person. 

Nicholas in the waiting room prior to an appointment at the pediatric office.  Look at that big smile!

After learning he was going to get a shot he didn't look so very happy any longer. Warren is comforting him.

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