Friday, December 27, 2013

A visit to the Zoo

The pix by themselves can be much more eloquent than words ever can. I'm an innate writer, and writing is definitely what I'm best at--but still cannot convey in words all the love that goes on. I cannot describe accurately enough how a twenty-seven year-old young lady and two sixteen-year-old young men can be so deeply, so totally, so unconditionally devoted to their younger brothers. Yet, against what people think in terms of such devotion not being fair to them, it has always given, and gives, them a much more compelling sense of purpose--and does not impair their own achievements at all. On the contrary, it is as if because of how very much they do, God is constantly there helping them achieve as they deserve. Similarly, all five of my younger ones are very fast absorbing all those lessons of love, learning to deal with the past, and increasingly showing proof that they do care--quite often much more than they even want to show or that they even suspect they do.

Guess why Warren is running out of the picture group! Because someone had already run out of it, and he was running after the little runaway. Any doubts as to who that little someone was? Just a hint: his name starts with P.

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When he was small, the prognosis for Nicholas was that he wouldn't be able to walk--but when still in Haiti he had already decided he wanted to do it. He learned on his own, by trying, falling down, getting up, and trying again. Now he's dancing to the music!!!

This area of the zoo is about Italy. Being pure Italian, I just love it.

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