Saturday, November 16, 2013

Maximilian and Philip's First Easter at Home. Stephen's 6th Grade Graduation. On the beach. Nicholas' birthday.

Things slowly started to get resolved. It didn't happen from one day to another. I was still terribly worried--but I knew I was protected from Above. I knew I had all the help that so many times I had resented having on this soil when thinking that my parents and grandparents were giving me too much. I'm not talking about just too many toys or too many comforts, but most of all about too much love, too much care, too much selflessness even to the point of self-denial on their part. Yet, during those trying weeks of constant anguish, I felt God's help and protection even more vividly because I had my very own constant advocates next to Him.
Warren with Maximilian

Gerard with Stephen

Easter photos. Warning: there are lots of them.

Catherine had bought lots and lots of things--including that basketball set!

She had a little statute of the Virgin Mary for me

Maximilian kissing Mom (me)

Gerard and Warren assembling the basketball set

The hula-hoops had been Catherine's presents as well.


Maximilian on Gerard and playing with Warren

Maximilian getting a ride on Gerard

Maximilian is on Warren's back now

Philip with Catherine

Can you see the Easter eggs?

Here you can have better views of the colored eggs.

And here.

And here.

And here.

And here.

And here!!!

Maximilian with Motor

Look at that smile!!!

Philip putting a puzzle together--in the blink of an eye!

Warren with Stephen at a local playground. 

Warren and Stephen on the seesaw

Gerard and Nicholas on the seesaw.

Gerard spinning Nicholas around

Nicholas loves Play-Dooh 

Catherine with Nicholas and Philip--and the Play-Dooh set.

Stephen's sixth grade graduation

Catherine with Stephen. No words needed.

Catherine and Warren with Stephen

Warren, Gerard, Maximilian, and Mom (me) with Stephen. Catherine was taking the picture.

Stephen was really happy that day. 

Warren with Maximilian and Stephen at a park in Westchester, NY

Warren is helping Stephen to make it on the monkey bars.

Maximilian has such a nice smile!

Maximilian at a Luau at Philip's school to celebrate the end of the 2012-2013 school year

Watch out, Nicholas!!! Look what your sister is about to do!!! Actually, Nicholas is trying to get up and run as fast as he can.

Catherine is approaching Philip with two buckets now!!! Her face says what she's about to do.

And she is doing it!

Nicholas is getting his revenge.

My birthday

Nicholas' birthday

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