Sunday, November 24, 2013

Everything was misplaced, mismatched, mixed up, messed up, inside out, and upside down--and yet everything was wonderful, amazing, awesome, magical . . . even when you cannot find the magic right away.

Hello again,
No, it didn't take me ten more months to post again. These pix here are from our last time in Cranston, our move to Middletown, and the early part of the summer. Many more summer pix will follow as separate posts.
Because I had to go to NJ on the day of Thomas and Nicholas' formal 6th grade graduation (they attended another school), Michele Lemme, their former teacher (to the left) organized an informal graduation party for their classroom one week later. Catherine and Gerard with Maximilian had attended their formal graduation. Warren (who had accompanied me to NJ) and I attended the informal one. I take the opportunity to thank Michele for her kindness and for everything she did for two full school years.

These pix were taken on June 22, 2013, at the William Rogers Park in Providence while there was one last showing going on at our former residence in Cranston. In the afternoon I'd go to see, and would enter into an oral agreement to rent, the house in Middletown that would become our present home.

Catherine is pushing Philip and Thomas is helping her.

Warren is making sure that brave Nicholas gets safely to the top.

Gerard is enjoying pushing Maximilian . . .

. . . and going down the slide with him.

Catherine is taking pix of Stephen--and Philip is always close to her.

Maximilian in the waiting room at Shriners in Springfield, MA. Actually, I don't think that Shriners can offer anything that Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence cannot.

Orthotics. Maximilian is hugging Philip.

Warren and Philip with Maximilian

Maximilian and Philip at a merry-go-round at a mall

After watching the fireworks we'd stop to drop off something at our new home (and still return to Cranston).

Philip's EEG. He actually enjoyed all those wires!!!

Look at Maximilian walking!!!

They're playing outside in the cul-de-sac shortly after our move.

That's our neighbors' house.

Catherine didn't lose her habit of throwing water. 

Who's missing? Philip's school is year-round.

Philip is having his pop tart while waiting for the school bus.

Waiving good-bye to his brothers. From the outside the house doesn't look nice at all. I never imagined I'd live in a house like that. Yet, the inside is starting to look awesome. I have to post more recent pix--and as of today's date, 11/13/13, still have a lot of unpacking to do. Most importantly, the house is filled with love.

Thomas and Philip at a bounce house at an event organized by the Taunton Fire Department, Taunton, MA

Catherine is making sure that Maximilian bounces as well.

Look at Stephen! Behind: Catherine with Maximilian--and Philip on the other corner.

Look at Thomas' eyes! Can you believe that in Haiti he had been diagnosed with a lazy eye?

Excited right before riding horses

All my five younger ones had a chance to ride a horse--and some of them even did it twice!

At the event they had wheelchair races. Catherine just sat on one in order to race with her brothers. Nicholas is using a chair too.

Maximilian was fascinated with the power chair.

Horse riding again. To the left: Warren. To the right: two volunteers.

Philip got to ride with the 'machinist' at the front.

Waiting for the school bus again

All these pix of Gerard and Maximilian look really similar--but I couldn't leave any one of  them out! Waiting at the ophthalmologist's office for Nicholas' appointment. Following that, Maximilian was going to get his blood drawn.

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