Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Third Day with Maximian and Philip

Hello, everyone, I'll try to be brief because except for some sleep periods at the desk and a short time in bed at the beginning of the night so as to encourage them to fall asleep as well, I didn't get much rest yet. Despite driving me crazy all day, it's undeniable that Philip is really cute--and very grateful as well. If he gets a new toy, even a small one, or even a new piece of clothing, he gives me a hug and a kiss. In the morning he hit Maximilian on his face for no apparent reason. He was not angry, and I think he was just trying to do a prank. Nevertheless, my point is that as soon as Maximilian started crying, Philip immediately blew him a kiss and went to hug him. They share well. Also, if one does not want one of the most desirable items, instead of just putting it aside, offers it to his brother. The things they are the most are the remote for the T.V. in the room, the i-Pad, which I try not to give them all the time anyway, or a helicopter that lights up, moves, and makes sounds. Actually, they no longer seemed to be as interested in the helicopter as they used to be. Philip appears to be a T.V. technician. He likes to unplug both the set and the cable, and to plug them back. God is on top of everything, taking care of everything, and watching over each one of His children. This morning one of the hotel employees gave Philip a very small toy car. It was a very, very small miniature. He had never taken anything to his mouth before, and I didn't see anything wrong with that very little car. He was really restless, and one of the housekeepers volunteered to come with us to the room. Together with her, he approached the window, and opened the movable upper panel. In a matter of a few seconds, the little new toy had plummeted down onto the street. It was so very small that nobody even thought about looking for it. Well, in the afternoon Philip found in one of the two suitcases a travel dominoes set that I intended to keep for the trip back home. The pieces were smaller than expected. Instantly, Philip reached out for one piece and took it to his mouth. I got it out without any resistance from him, though. But then--he immediately grabbed another one and stuck it into his mouth as well. The same as with the first one, he didn't oppose my efforts to remove it--and did not even complain when I got all the pieces and put them on the top shelf of the wardrobe. The good thing is that it is obvious that he knew he was doing something wrong. He just wanted to do it as a prank anyway. It was not that he did it as a natural behavior such as in babyhood, but in a much more conscious and elaborate manner, as a purposeful action in order to get even more attention. Nevertheless, independently of that, Who had made Philip's hand open and drop his toy when at the window? That little car could have caused a tragedy--but Someone made Philip drop it before anything happened. There is a very nice Bulgarian T.V. series about a family obviously in the high end where the members seem to care for each other and deal with any issues in a very harmonious way. Stephen used to watch it all the time, and even with the language barrier I was able to grasp a very uplifting way of dealing with some life situations. When looking for an appropriate channel for the boys, one of the hotel employees got that series and commented that it was a very good one. Well, yesterday's episode was about the elder mother's passing with her grown-up daughter calling her, "Momma!" and crying by her bed, keeping on calling her even when the mother could no longer respond. Evidently that was far from being what I needed to watch. There is more I'd like to add, but cannot do it at this point. I'll hit the "publish" button all the same, though. God bless, Lillian

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