Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fourth Day: Everything Got Done!

Yes, it's true: medicals were done and the visa interview was done! And the boys also seem to have a stronger sense of belonging. Philip may run around, and if unattended for just a moment would get lost. He may be very cuddly with everyone. He may make me feel somewhat uncomfortable with that. Yet, on the other hand, there is no doubt that he feels he belongs in hotel room 507 or anywhere else with Maximilian and me. He is trying to talk too. Let's pray that he will get the same speech pathologist Nicholas has. Both of them have an enormous amount of determination, and that will certainly help. Today he tried to whisper something in my ear. Even if the words were unitelligible, it means the meaning is there. Actually, he could have had perfect articulation and I wouldn't have been able to understand either. The language barrier is an undeniable challenge. At one point, while waiting for the interview with the vice-consul, he said, "Ma." No, I'm not delusional: he did say it. Anyway, even though expressive language is impaired due to articulation challenges, obviously receptive language is totally fine. He tries to help with everything as well--and knows perfectly well what he wants, and when and how to do it. For instance, he prepares the chair for Maximilian, not only in the right position, but also takes care to remove any eventual crumb from the cushion. At the clinic where they had their medicals they had an inflatable frog, and Philip made it leap in exactly the same way in which a real life frog would leap. Maximilian appears to have an incredible ability to learn a new language, and his vocablulary is increasing dramatically. The doctor who examined him for his immigration medical told me he is very intelligent--and obviously he is. At one point I felt a little jealous after seeing that he likes to hold hands not just with me but also with other people, such as Dani, who is Toni's cousin, the adoptive mom with whom I had left him on Tuesday morning in order to go to buy a few items, and some very kind hotel employees. Yet, when thinking about it, that only shows his desperate need for affection, his desperate need to be taken care of, to be given personal attention, to be nurtured, to be loved. Also, whether or not she should, Dani told him I had told her I was jealous, and he immediately held my hand. He also said he wanted to go back to the hotel--and I can see and feel that there is no doubt in his mind that he is my son. He looks forward to going home. He keeps on thanking me for everything--even when I do something for Philip. This evening, as I was doing for Philip something that would be inelegant to explain more in detail, Maximilian kept on telling me, "Thank you, thank you." Thy also hug each other and share well. Quite often Maximilian likes to say "no" in a little capricious manner, pouting his lips--but then in less than three seconds he smiles and says, "yes" or "O.K." Moreover, I didn't get any scratches, any bites, any blows, or any kind of physical aggression at all. This evening they were happy that all the paperwork was done. There is a bedtime anecdote that deserves a separate post. Even though it's way past bedtime for me, I do need to write about that. I have to. God bless, Lillian Godone-Maresca

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