Monday, May 7, 2012

Day No. One with Maximilian and Philip

Hello, everyone,

First of all, I want to apologize for not being able to post any pix at this point. I may have a high verbal IQ--but my performance one must be close to 0. Without having the twins or Catherine next to me, ready to help me with any technical problems I may encounter, all I can do is just type. I have wonderful pix that I'm dying to post--but will do that as soon as I arrive home.

Without any more preambles, I'll say that Day No. One was simply magical. Both Maximilian and Philip clearly remembered me, I got hugged and kissed from the beginning and more times than I would have even dared dream. Maximilian called me 'Mom" repeated times, would hold my hand, stroke it, get close to me, and squeeze me as is in disbelief that it was really happening. One of the social workers had told me that he had kept asking about me--but then as time went by and I was not back, he had stopped asking. Yet, he still had the big bear I had given him the day when I had picked up Stephen. For most of the second part of the second visit, we remained just like that, sitting on the floor with Maximilian sitting on my lap, looking at me, and squeezing me--and I'd look at him and squeeze him against my heart.

 In the meantime, Philip was working on a very difficult circular puzzle. I knew that he liked puzzles, but had not brought any because I had no idea of what could be too easy or too challenging. He can do 40- and 60-piece puzzles in almost no time at all!!! I'm talking about puzzles with small pieces in similar shades--and he can master those with no problem. I must confess that if someone dumped all those little pieces out of a box for me to put back together, I'd have a hard time doing it. Even while working on one of his puzzles, Philip is constantly conscious of the people around him. He looks for praise--and welcomes all the 'bravo's' and clappings of hands. He is also very affectionate and enjoys hugs and kisses. Both boys have very good feelings--and in just one day I got a few examples that eloquently prove how big their hearts are.

At the beginning of the first visit, Philip was brought into the room before Maximilian, who was still at school--even though the school is just the next building across the street. I had given Philip a bear. Needless to say, I had a stuffed doggie for Maximilian--but he didn't know that yet. Maxmilian's first words when he saw me were to tell me that he loved me--and after that he tried to reach the bear that Philip was holding. Before I could get back to the bag where I had all the other presents, Philip had already given his bear to Maximilian. Even though I returned the bear to Philip and gave the puppy to Philip, that act of generosity is worth highlighting. Then I had two small bears, one brown and one grey. The grey one had the shape of the state of RI embroidered in his clothes, reading RI  underneath. The boys didn't make any fuss about who wanted which bear. Maximilian showed some preference for the grey one, and Philip immediately reached out for the brown one.

After looking at a photo book that included pictures of my Mom in hospital and a few other ones that can break anyone's heart but which will be the topic of a separate post, Maximilian asked, "How is Grandma doing?" At the end of the first visit, when being taken for lunch, Maximilian said he didn't want to eat, but to give his food to me. I assured him I'd have lunch at the hotel and would be back.

In the afternoon I was told that Philip had eaten very little due to his excitement. Maximilian asked about the process. I tried to simplify it for him--but then he asked difrectly whether there would be a judge involved. He also asked how long it'd take. They both were interested in seeing pictures of Stephen and wanted to know how he is doing. Vocalization is still a challenge for Philip--but it's totally clear that he understands everything, knows everything, and has an opinion about everything.

 It is really remarkable how Maximilian described Philip. He said that Philip has a very creative way of accomplishing things--that he tries one way ort another until he does it--whatever it may be!!! That's great about Philip--and the fact that he made such comment is equally or even greater about Maximilian. I have only one concern: how are we going to survive until having I-800 approval? Pictures will follow--be sure of that!!!

God bless everyone,

Lillian Godone-Maresca

Doesn't that smile say everything?
He looks so happy! It was so nice to be able to squeeze them!
Kissing mommy
The very first "thing" he told me was that he loves me.

He was so very happy to see me back!!! I can't say how happy I was to see them back!!! Yet, what we all want is to have them home-and they do want to be home as well.
Can you see how very happy he looks next to me?

More kisses for mommy

I love the way in which he kept on squeezing me--in the same way in which you squeeze a baby or a small child, and also in a way that shows he could not even believe it was really happening.

With the two of them. . .

I got so many priceless kisses!!!

My turn to kiss him

Philip is kissing mommy again.

It's astonishing how fast he can put together any 60-piece puzzle with small pieces, all in a similar shade.

Look at that expression!!! Can't you see the love in his eyes?

Excellent job, Philip!!!

First day, second visit - Afternoon pix, Monday, 05/07/12

The position was not very comfortable for either one of us--but still we could have kept like that on and on, lost in time and space.

Philip was starting to work on a very nice circular puzzle that his teacher had just brought in.

And the puzzle kept on growing and growing. In the meantime, Maximilian just wanted to be next to me.

Doesn't that little face say it all?

The puzzle was getting done really fast!

Look at him!!! (And look at the puzzle too!)

Building memories to last forever. . .

Philip kept on working really fast!

You can see the progress--with no help at all!!!

You did it again, Philip!!!

Will this ever happen again? Waiting for I-800 approval is killing us all.

This picture and the ones that follow don't really need any words.

Look at maximilian's smile!!!


Sabrina said...

The boys sound wonderful. It sounds like you had a great visit.

Blessedmom said...

Yes, they are wonderful. I'm going to cry tomorrow, though--and we'll be all through sheer torture until they are finally, definitely, forever home. God bless, Lillian

eliz said...

Oh Lillian! My heart is filled with great JOY for you!! They are wonderful boys!! (((HUGS)))

Blessedmom said...

They really are!!! Thank you so much, Elizabeth--from all of us!!!


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