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Posting Christmas pix on Easter Sunday (and pix from b-days and winter play too)

Warren and Thomas. Are there any words needed?

Catherine with Nicholas. Doesn't this picture also say it all?

Gerard with Stephen. What about this one?

I must confess to child abuse: year after year, every Christmas I keep my children waiting and waiting endlessly before opening presents until after I've taken all the pix I want---in different positions, from different angles, with different lighting. Yet, they're used to it--and the wait doesn't seem to be so very painful, does it?

Two brothers on top of Stephen

Warren too!!! Stephen is being squashed by loving brothers

And still more pix--and still more waiting!

Had it not been thanks to Catherine, there would not have been all those presents to open last year. Among many other things, she bought whole winter wardrobes for everyone.
They can certainly fare the snow with those winter hats and all that winter gear.

Among many other things, she bought one robot for each one of her three younger brothers.

She bought many other things too. . .

She came up with lots of things for her Grandma as well--although she well knows that all that Grandma wants is us. . . all of us!!!

All that Catherine wanted for her was a coffee maker.

Catherine had found some very cute warm slippers for all the small ones.

And she had gotten more things for the twins too!!!

When I asked her why she had gotten me such a beautiful mini-curio display case, she said she had found it long before and had already bought it way ahead of Christmas.

She knows that I love miniature houses--my collection is still in storage in Calfiornia, together with all the antiques that we didn't bring to RI yet.

Catherine, there was no money for knick-knacks last year--but she had done it all the same!

Nicholas was very enthusiastic in helping prepare our Christmas supper. Stephen, on the contary, was much more interested in one of his several new possessions.

Gerard and Warren playing a new game.
The pix that follow are from Stephen's 10th birthday, right after Christmas
Someone was too eager to open his presents.

Once again, without Catherine's generosity, Stephen wouldn't have been smiling so much with thumbs up.

Catherine looked for something that would make each one of her younger brothers feel truly special: a book entitled "On the Night You Were Born," by Nancy Tillman. It needed one little change, though. The really touching issue is that while showing me the book she had gotten and thinking about how very much she loves them, Catherine was trying to hold her tears.

His older brothers' love is endless too!
Gerard with Stephen. The picture says it all.
Catherine is preparing something really yummy. . .
. . . and Stephen cannot wait!

What a beautiful image of a sister's endless, limitless, boundless love!!!

 Our First Winter in RI
All the pix that follow were taken in our front yard and backyard

 They would give their lives for each other without hesitation (or to protect any of their siblings)--but when it comes to a snowball fight, it's twin vs. twin!

I simply love these two pix (above and below)!

I myself look like a snowball in those pix--but I was wearing two sweaters and three coats!
Now pix of Thomas' 11th b-day at the beginning of February

The really touching issue is this: Thomas had already agreed to wait from Tuesday to Friday in order to celebrate his b-day at school. On Thursday we learned that his teacher, who is very nice and whom he loves, was sick, and wouldn't be back the next day. I asked Thomas whether he wanted to celebrate his birthday at school the following morning all the same, or to wait till Monday so as to celebrate it when his teacher was back. Without even thinking about it, Thomas replied that he'd rather wait till Monday so as to celebrate his b-day when his teacher was back.

Children learn what they see around them, and respond accordingly. If you ask me what the key to a successful adoption and total bonding is, I'd say that it is the full participation of the entire family in it. No matter how good and loving the parents may be, if adoption is only, or mainly, a parental issue, things may not go so well. In our family, my Mom and my three older children have always done more than I myself ever did--and the results speak for themselves!
The birthday boy is kissing his youngest brothers--at least youngest for now.

 The best thing you can do for Thomas to make it a special day is to allow him an opportunity to feel useful, to do something, to help.

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