Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Shouldn't Happen

Can you guess the age of the girl in the picture? She's 11!!! I won't say from which city and which country she is from. Yet, thanks to the courage of one female lawyer in that country, now the plight of those abused, starved, deprived children in an orphanage has been finally exposed and gotten proper governmental and media attention. Most importantly, the children are now getting access to much needed medical care. Yet--one question still remains open: Will that be timely enough? Will medical intervention now be able to heal all, or at least, part of the past abuse and neglect suffered over the years?

Thanks to the compassion of many families, a number of those little ones now have homes where to go and families to call their own. Adoption processes are being sped up--but are never fst enough.

That little girl in the picture has a family praying for her, waiting for her, eager to shower her with all the love she desperately needs. Let's pray it won't be too late. Her family is praying, ours is praying for that precious little girl too, and there are many families joining in prayer as well. To anyone who may read about this, please say a prayer also.


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