Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Than Making a Difference--Because the Difference is Between Life and Death

Hello, everyone,
Today I received a very compelling message from Stephenie Carpenter. It is about a little girl in Eastern Europe who desperately needs a family, who desperately needs to be rescued. Her name is Kolina, and she's soooo cute!!! Look at her picture!!! Don't those eyes speak to you? The issue is that I'm sure that if I asked you to guess her age, for sure you wouldn't guess even close. Nobody would. It's really hard to believe that she's 9 years old. Doesn't she seem the be a toddler? Can you imagine the degree of malnutrition that she's been through day after day for all nine years of her life? How many more years does she have ahead? Obviously, not too many if she keeps on being where she is. She desperately needs the love and care of a family to whom to give love as well in return. She needs a chance to develop her full potential. She needs to be hugged, to hear that there are people who worry about her and who want the best for her.

Even if unable to adopt her, can you please help spread the word?

Her eyes look so very sad--and yet there is a promise in them. She's in a country where the adoption process is very predictable, and open to large families, single mothers, and older parents. The agency cannot be better. Can anyone imagine holding her, comforting her, getting a smile out of her lips? Even without having carried her in the womb, whoever adopts her will be giving her life.


Linda said...

Lillian, Thank you so much for posting about her! I feel so humbled by the overwhelming positive response I'm receiving about the news. I'm so grateful that you posted about her. Hugs to you my friend! - Linda

Blessedmom said...

We're overjoyed if that post could have been instrumental in your committing to Kolina. Yet, don't forget to thank Stepahnie, who had e-mailed me about her, asking to spread the word, and to Warren who posted the picture to go with my writing. Love, Lillian


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