Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lots of fall fun in RI--but I was in CA!

Warren with the fall landscape in the backgound.

Catherine took them to the Roger Williams Park, in Providence, where they had a great time by the pond.

An older brother's prank: He would not hesitate to throw himself in a shark-infested ocean to save Nicholas (or anyone of them)--but playing a little harmless prank was irresistible!

Actually, Nicholas was enjoying himself. He very well knew it was just a prank!

Hello, Mr. Potato Head!

Nicholas made it to the top!!!

Gerard and Stephen going down the slide.

Be careful, Catherine! The water would have been pretty cold!

Catherine and Warren
At home, everyone worked to rake the fallen leaves into a pile in order to have some autumn fun.

Watch out, Warren!!! Thomas is too close to you with a big rake!!!

Look at Nicholas' expression!

Stephen is having a great time.

No need for words.

Stephen is sticking his tongue at the camera.

Look at this picture!!! A treasure to cherish forever!!!

Gerard and Nicholas are throwing leaves at each other.

Where is Stephen?

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