Saturday, December 24, 2011

I had to make it up for my time in CA: Sun., 11/20/11

 I had to make three business trips to California in order to attend hearings there. On my first trip, I boarded the plane at the T.F. Greene Airport in Warwick, RI, in tears--tears because I'd be away from my kids for some days, and tears because I was traveling to California for a legal matter and not to Bulgaria for the adoptions of Maximilian and Philip.

During each one of my trips, Catherine, Gerard, and Warren took care of absolutely everything--much better than I ever do. The order of the posts is inverted (and I cannot solve the problem), but my other post about fun in the fall when I was on my third trip to San Diego shows some of the many exciting things that Catherine had made them do during my absence. She had found out that the Roger Williams Park in Providence has a wheelchair-accessible playground, and had made them discover the fun of disappearing under a pile of fallen leaves. Well, upon my return I needed to have some fun too!!!
Everyone was very busy raking leaves into a pile for real fall fun.

They worked hard.

The pile was almost all done!

 Both Gerard and Warren are getting ready for a double-jump each.

Warren's BIG jump!

Throwing Thomas onto the leaves.
Let's do it again! Catherine had joined in this time.

Stephen and Warren talking in the leaves.

Warren and Gerard

A really cute picture, isn't it? Catherine captured it at the precise time!
Leaves flying back and forth between Nicholas and mom

Stephen is giving Gerard a hard time to come out of the leaves.
Catherine was back from Starbucks with a mocca cappuccino for me and hot chocolate for all her brothers.

As they came back from school on Monday, a little more fall fun was awaiting everyone.

I love this picture!

Watch out, Stephen! Mom is coming after you!
After a long day, Nicholas was falling asleep on the couch---with Gerard hugging him.

Jealous Thomas needed to come into the picture too!!!
At the Roger Williams Park, in Providence (before playing in the leaves on Sunday, 11/20/11). Nicholas is fearless: He can transfer from the ladder to the climbing gym on his own--but Warren does not want to take any chances.

Stephen was finding that the climbing gym was not challenging enough. Why am I not putting the park pix before the ones playing in the leaves? Well, only the computer can have an answer for that.

Stephen is giving not one, but two thumbs up!

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