Saturday, December 24, 2011

Halloween 2011

Nicholas was super-excited!

Look at that little pirot with a foam sword!

Watch out, Stephen! A werewolf is right behind you!! ! (AKA: your brother Gerard)

That should have been on top: still at home, ready to go!


Who could wait till being back home? Those treats were too tempting!
My tall pirate with my small pirate
Some halloween pix of Catherine. They may be too many, and a little repetitive--but I couldn't resist posting them all!!! Isn't she beautiful?

You can also see how tastefully she decorate her place downstairs. You can see the Virgin Mary and several religious items--and also, from the very first day, she insisted that Martin Luther King, Jr., has to be present in the household. he should be present in all homes--and, on top of that, we're an interracial family now.

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