Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Belated Pix and Info: Our Road Trip from CA to RI

I must apologize for how long it took me to come up with these update (this one and the following this one). The pix speak for themselves--but still some quite long captions will better tell the story.
Nicholas' last school day in California. I'm happy that day I didn't accept Catherine's offer to pick up her younger brothers--because that way I could see with my own eyes the depth of Nicholas' love for one of his former classmates. He wouldn't let go of that little boy. I was trying very hard not to cry.

Stephen's last day at school in CA, with his former teacher, who was really very good. I'm sure you recognize Warren, standing to the right--one of the three most devoted older siblings ever!

On our way to RI, in a totally overcrowded (everyone had a seat-belt, though) and overloaded van: I captured innocent-looking Stephen torturing one of his older brothers.

Same as above: Look at the pain in Gerard's expression, and at the cute evil joy in Stepehn's!

First contact with snow: Gerard holding Nicholas at the hotel's parking lot in Utah

Catherine had just thrown a snowball on Warren.

Warren and Thomas at the lobby of the Express Holiday Inn, in Cedar City, UT, on Sun., 04/10/11, in the morning

Before re-starting our trip, they were having a great time with snowballs (also Sun., 04/10/11)

Actually, it wouldn't be until noon or the early afternoon that we could re-start out trip. As my mom and I were still in the breakfast room, Thomas came to ask me for the key of the van in order to give it to Warren. I gave him the key, but followed him all the same--yet, as I saw them playing with snow, my addiction to pictures took over--and, to make the long story short, the key of the van would never be seen again. After looking high and low for it all over the place and in every single bag, we ended up having to call a locksmith, which meant waiting for him, and paying for a replacement key.

With all the complications, it is still worthwhile keeping memories and pix of moments like this one. Money was really short--but love couldn't have been larger!

Catherine with Thomas and Nicholas at La Quinta, in North Platte, on Mon., 04/11/11, in the late evening. Look at those expressions!!! Stephen was at the computer. Although used to only the very best long ago when I was a child, I must confess that as an adult, that was the only time when I reserved a real suite. The rest of the time, the eight of us squeezed in a double room, typically also counting on a recliner and an added roll-away--yet, that sense of magic that my three older ones know how to make alive for the younger ones was always there. . . in CA, on our way, in RI, no matter the time or the place.

Same as the one above--eloquent enough!

And yet one more. . .

And even another one! Catherine was trying her best to get Stephen participate--but the computer seemed to have trapped him!

Breakfast in the morning: Gerard, Nicholas, and Stephen

Catherine and Thomas at breakfast time

One more breakfast picture

Catherine getting ready for another long driving day. She drove the Penske truck with one of the twins, and i drove the van with my mom, the other twin, and the three younger ones. Some antiques from Italy from generations past that are in storage since 2008 will remain in CA for an indefinite amount of time--if I ever can afford transportation to RI. At least, it won't be any time soon, and of course it won't be until getting done with the international adoptions.

Catherine was very proud of being able to drive such a big truck.

As i had said before: everyone was squeezed--but everyone was happy after all!!!

Picture taken from the back of the van, as the trunk was open. You can see all the mess--but you can also see how happy Gerard was to have his youngest brother (at least youngest for now) to pick up and carry out of the van.

Another breakfast picture. Not quite sure at which hotel it was--but we were getting closer and closer.

Already in RI: pizza at the Super Eight Motel, in West Greenwich, RI

That night it was subs instead.

Of course nobody would pick up my order for a coke at the McDonald's in West Greenwich. Can you see what I was talking to? Not the speaker, but the trash can!!! No need to call mental health yet, though--I still didn't "lose it" completely. Just the financial worries were too big. Why did I ever pray for problems when I was a child and felt I had too much and everything too easily, with no merit of my own?

Warren and nicholas waiting in the van: No words needed.

On Easter Sunday, on Super Eight grounds: Catherine, Gerard, and Stephen. Can you see how Stephen is giving two thumbs-up?

A mother and daughter picture

Another Easter Sunday picture

With Easter baskets, at the motel room. I have a confession to make, though: Had it not been for Catherine, this year nobody would have had any Easter baskets or Easter candy. The move had proven to be much more expensive than expected--and I was really very, extremely concerned. Catherine used some monies of her own she had for an emergency, and appeared with Easter baskets and candy, and made the day! Thanks, Catherine!!! Quite often I look too much into the future and lose sight of the present. She's always the one who keeps on reminding me that if you miss the magic of a moment, it will never come back--and that for the younger ones there is no tomorrow without today. Thanks again, Catherine, for keeping that magic alive!!!

From here to the end: some more Easter 2011 pix--our first Easter with Stephen, which amidst all the complications, Catherine managed to make a memorable one. Actually, things were starting to look a little better because two days before (on Friday, April 22), we had signed the lease of our new house, which would be available on May 6.


5 Kids With Disabilities said...

Hi, this is Lindsey from Rhode Island. Welcome!!! In what communities are your children attending school? (Makes a BIG difference in the services.) I also recommend immediately contacting a CEDARR Center, (just google it under Rhode Island) and register your kiddos. They have great support services.
If you want to e-mail me, my address is 5kidswdisabilities@gmail.com.

Blessedmom said...

Hi, Lindsey,
I read your blog, and I certainly agree with what you say about the win-win situation. BTW, I also hate cleaning the house. Thank you for the info. We live in West Cranston. Where are you? I will e-mail you. God bless, Lillian

Rendiggy said...

Hey, I'm from RI. I have since departed for Colorado, but your story made me homesick. :) Rhode Island is great. I'm sure that you and the kiddos will love it!


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