Sunday, May 29, 2011

Belated Post: Our First Time in RI - Let's use pix again

On Easter Sunday, still at the motel. Yet, Catherine managed to make it a memorable Easter after all!!!

Catherine and Warren took Nicholas to the mall and to watch a puppet show.

Nicholas loves cars, trucks, and all vehicles.

Warren and Nicholas at the R.I.S.D. museum in Providence

Still at the motel--but it looks like Stephen is having real fun!

I thought the time at the motel would be horrendous-but it proved to be a good bonding time.

Catherine took the whole clan to the beach.

The outside of our new home. The house we had rented is on a 10-acre wooded property. The house pix should have gone at the bottom of this post.

The pool is not operational, though.

Look at that expression!

Our driveway

First day of school. They're ready to go!!!

Waiting for immunization shots.

With the school principal

When my Mom was in hospital

Exploring RI, with Catherine

I felt bsadly that they didn't have any more space at the motel--but, once again, it was a great bonding experience. Oncee again, there is no chronology in these pix.
Gerard is ready to cathc Stephen

More pix of Gerard holding Stephen on the moneky bars. Stephen is having a reeeeeally great time!!!

Two thumbs up!!!

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