Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stephen is officially a Godone-Maresca child!!!

Yes!!! On Tuesday, November 9,  in the early morning, I checked my e-mail, and found the GREAT news!!! What a relief!!! And---Stephen will be home for Christmas!!! I'll be traveling so as to arrive to Sofia on Dec. 12, and Dec. 13 will be the great date, when I'll be able to pick him up. The greatest date, the date of his actual homecoming, will be sometime during the following weekend (Dec. 18 or 19).

Our prayers have been answered. Thank You, Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, and all the saints whose intercession we had asked for!!! Particularly, thank you, St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Gerard, St. Maximilian Kolbe!!! Thank-you also to my dad and my grandparents for their prayers from above, much closer to God!!!

We cannot be any more excited!!! We hugged each other, jumped for joy, and there were even tears out of emotion.

The time had finally arrived to tell Thomas and Nicholas that they had a new brother--and they also jumped for joy!!! They had seen Stephen's picture many times, had heard about him, and had participated in the greeting video that Catherine, our movie expert, had prepared for him before Trip No. One--but for the first time yesterday, now that everything is 100% sure, they were told that Stephen would be one more brother to them. And, together with the rest of us, they couldn't be happier!

And--I had forgotten to say it: now I am officially a mother of six!!! (We can't wait until I can say I'm a mother of 8--but during my second trip I intend to somehow tell Maximilian that he also has a family, and that I'll be back for him and Philip. . . and I hope to be able to meet Philip, by the way.

God bless everyone,

Lillian / The Godone-Maresca Family

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Teacher Girl said...

I just came across your blog and am so excited to read about your family and your journey to pick up your boy! Congratulations!



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