Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Court Date Was Scheduled

Hello, everyone,
Yesterday I learned from Toni that our court date had been scheduled. I cannot say when that's going to be, though--because I myself don't know yet. I would entirely understand if some of you cannot avoid a condescending smile or even some good laughter when reading this, but, yes,  I had asked Toni to keep me updated without telling me when the exact court date is going to be. Otherwise, we would not be able to tolerate an even higher level of anxiety than the one we have all the time. My mom would die from hypertension, and for Catherine, Gerard, Warren, and I, studies and work would suffer even more. That said, it obviously means that they did suffer already by now.

Toni is really an angel. I also asked her to try to anticipate in her captions the contents of any e-mail containing any update--so as to spare me the anxiety of opening any new communication without having any idea of what the message would say.

The court date may need to be continued, though, because unfortunately our case was assigned to a judge who requires those stupid reports from Social Services--and we're desperately praying and praying to still be able to have Stephen home before Christmas Eve. Every day that goes by means a little more anxiety building up.

Well, let's put it this way: Stephen is about to come home to a crazy family--where everyone loves him like crazy already.


eliz said...

He is truly blessed! :o)
Joyfully, Elizabeth mommy to Julius & Paul

Blessedmom said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! We are also blessed to be about to have him home, Lillian


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