Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tortellini vs. Ravioli

Being pure Italian, cheesy pasta is my favorite dish. The other day I was at Costco with Warren, and he asked me to buy seven-cheese tortellini. I replied that the spinach-and-cheese ravioli were bigger, nicer, with much more filling. His response on one hand marveled me, and on the other hit me as one more instance on how much my three older ones think about their younger brothers--even more than I myself do. Warren's answer was that precisely because the ravioli were bigger, Nicholas had a hard time cutting them with his fork, but did not want any help either, which made that dish kind of dangerous as he might eventually choke on a whole ravioli. There is nothing else to add: Warren's reply, at the age of 13, says it all.


Catherine and Warren celebrating Thomas' good throw at St. Michael's Fall Festival, Oct.'08

Catherine playing with Thomas and Nicholas, 2009

Catherine coming back home with a trunk full of toys for Thomas and Nicholas

Family room view, 2009 (only very few of those structures survived to today's date)
Soon after Thomas and Nicholas' homecoming, when Gerard and Warren were only 11, they'd ask me how many days had elapsed since Thomas' last bowel movement, as he tends to have some constipation problems. At Costco, one of the twins came up with the idea of opening one of the doors in the frozen food area in order to have Thomas and Nicholas' samples of hot food cool off for them not to get burned.
Catherine searches high and low for different educational toys that target different skills. The director of the orphanage in Lubovik, Bulgaria, congratulated me not only on the presents but also on the throughtful wrapping. Well, Catherine had not only bought the presents, but had also wrapped them in matching colors.

Catherine with Thomas and Nicholas, 2010

Gerard hugging Nicholas, and my mom

They look so happy--and see how Warren is looking at them!

Catherine with Thomas, 07/10
Now we're praying and praying together to have Stephen home before Christmas. Further updates to be given in a couple of days.

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