Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Last Visit

I'll just do pictures for now.

Trying to smile for the camera
Really sad expressions
He did not have his bright smile on the last day.
The time to leave was getting closer and closer. . .
One last hug---to last until trip No. 2!!!


Difference2This1 said...

Stopped by after seeing your blog link on a post in the AdoptCP group- had to read more when I realized the little ones you are waiting for are in the same place mine are! We are waiting for two boys- one with CP, one with DS - and hope we get to meet them in October. You have a lovely family with amazing hearts for His orphan children. Prayers for everything to move along without delay. God bless, Jennifer

Blessedmom said...

Hi, Jennifer,
Thank you so much for your comment--and we'll add the adoption of your two little boys to our family prayers. Are you Jennifer in the dream_Bulgaria group? God bless, Lillian


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