Monday, August 9, 2010

Right After First Visit

He loved th Narnia set--and acted as a real super-hero!
Hello, everyone,
I couldn't be more excited!!! Plamen is simply adorable!!! His smile is priceless--and he gives it only when it has a meaning. . . and, after the first few minutes, he started smiling at me, and even moved closer to me!!! Catherine had selected two stuffed dogs for him, and one of them was my first gift--and he loved the dog. He asked the director if he could tell the other children he'd be going home--and that shows that he's considerate, obedient, and smart.Due to the language barrier, I cannot understand what he says, but Toni told me that his grammar is perfect--and it does sound perfect and self-assured. He wanted to know whether he'd be able to see one of his former playmates who had gone home to his new family in U.S. some time ago. Needless to say, that shows that he does form solid attachments. He's very intelligent, very articulate, very sensitive yet self-confident, and super expressive.

We're going to be praying so, so hard to have him home before Christmas!!!!

It's time for my second visit, and don't want to be late. I need to meet Toni downstairs, in the lobby.

Thanks for following our wonderful journey. Even with all the strain of this constant emotional roller coaster, it's totally worth it.

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Amanda said...

YAY!! I knew you would love him. The moment I saw him I could tell he was very articulate and is such a sweet boy. We will also be praying that he will be home for Christmas!!!



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