Thursday, August 12, 2010

After My Seventh Visit

Hello, everyone,
I have excellent news! When asked him again if he really liked Kevin so much, better than Stephen, this morning he said he liked both--so he'll be Stephen Kevin Godone-Maresca. 

Most importantly, twice yesterday and again today, he would throw his arms around my shoulders, and we'd remain like that, hugging each other, lost in time and space, with everyone else keeping silent and motionless in the room.

At one point, he was on my lap, and I said that I'd like to grab him, put him in Toni's van, and then on a plane, and take him home. Toni translated that for him, and he asked me, "Why don't you do it?" I explained to him that if I did, the police would stop me, and then I would not be allowed to get the papers officially stating that I am his mom. I clarified for him that forever I was his mom and he was my son forever, but still wanted to have a paper officially showing that.

Moreover, he is very polite. When after being on my lap for a while he wanted to go back to his chair because his back hurt, he told me, "Sorry, Mom."

I'm afraid the orphanage will get flooded tomorrow when my last visit comes to an end. I will cry, and cry--and cry. Yet, what what makes me feel better is the thought that in a couple of days it won't be just me, but all of us crying out of emotion and holding on to our faith as we storm the Heavens for our Stephen to be home before Christmas Eve.

Actually, this is an eighth-visit picture--but couldn't resist posting that handsome thinking expression.


Amanda said...

Oh, Lillian! There is nothing harder than walking out the orphanage door on that last visit. The good news is you will be back! Take lots of pictures and video if you are anything like me you will watch it everyday. :) We will be praying!!

Blessedmom said...

From all of us,thank you so much,Amanda, for joining your prayers to ours. We'll be praying for your girls to be home ASAP.


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