Tuesday, August 10, 2010

After Four Visits

Doesn't he have a wonderful smile?
That little boy is really incredible!!! Toni kept on saying that, if we think that he lived in an orphanage all his life, his personality and mental development are amazing, astonishing, unprecedented, unbelievable, extraordinary! From the very first visit he calls me "momma," and says that he loves me very much. He is full of life, and everything around him sparkles. He's extremely intelligent. When I was unsuccessfully trying to make my laptop work (my applied IQ is much lower than my verbal one), he said he could not help "because it's not my computer."

Yesterday he asked Toni again when he'd be able to go home, and she again explained to him about the paperwork that needed to be processed. I also told him that two different governments had to do their part each. On my second visit he had already wanted to know if he could be home by Christmas. Yesterday he advised me to take a coat when coming back in winter to pick him up because otherwise I'd be cold.

The most touching part was when he asked if once he goes home it'd be forever. I hugged him, and assured him, "Forever, forever!" And Toni needed to give me some tissue.

Another very moving moment was when he won at a game, and cried out, "I won!" while throwing his arms around me.
Hugging mommy

As for his new name, we wanted Joseph, Steven, or Lawrence --but the little one has a mind of his own, and he himself came up with his new name: he likes Kevin. I'm not sure of his middle name yet--but he'll be Kevin Godone-Maresca.

At home my kids and my mom cannot wait to have him with us, and my e-mails bring tears to their eyes--as when they told my mom that she's already "baba" (I'm writing it phonetically). I have a big carry-on bag. Why can't I just smuggle him in it right now?

God bless everyone.
No words needed

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