Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The earthquake in Haiti

I just want to say to all those families waiting for a precious little one who is not home yet that our family prayers are with them. It must be terrible to be unable to get any news. It could have been us in that situation, had it happened when we were still waiting for them to come home. Even the thought brought tears to my kids' and my mom's eyes. I could see some watery shine in Catherine's eyes. Gerard and Warren were blinking and blinking, trying not to cry. My mom wiped her eyes openly with a tissue. Catherine and the twins almost smothered Thomas and Nicholas with hugs and more hugs, squeezing them tightly and not letting go of them. (Actually, they didn't want to go anywhere either--because they always love all the love they receive.)

Soon after we learned that everyone at Children of the Promise was all right, as they are in Cap Haitian, in the north, and that area was affected to a much lesser extent.

Our family prayers are with all the people in Haiti, with the ones who are grieving for beloved ones, with the ones who are searching for beloved ones, with the dying, the injured, the displaced, and with all those families in any corners of the earth that are waiting for a precious child and still have no news. People adopt internationally from Haiti not only from U.S., but also from Italy, Argentina, France, Canada, and several other countries in the west world.

Our family prayers are with Fr. Grandjean, a Catholic Haitian priest who runs a mission full of children and people with no homes somewhere south of Port-au-Prince.

Gold bless everyone,

The Godone-Maresca Family

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